Get loyalty points for staking tokens

How to stake

Learn more about how to stake here

Point Calculation

Coming soon

Your IFO points

IFO points used to calculate rewards will be determined by your loyalty points (total staked points) and task points.

Your total staked


Your loyalty points


Your task points


Your Total IFO Points


Staking pools

There are three types of pools. "Holders", "Community", and "Influencers". Each pool has a different mechanism and function.

The first staking pools are NOW OPEN!

$GAFI holders

Lock Time

3 or 6 months

Min Stake

20 $ GAFI


1 $GAFI = 1 point

Joining period

2022, Oct 25 ~ 2022, Nov 25

Early Bird Discount!

Within the first 03 days (Oct 25 ~ Oct 27): 

+ 20% point

The next 07 days (Oct 28 ~ Nov 03): 

+ 12% point

The next 10 days (Nov 04 ~ Nov 13): 

+ 8% point
Show Pools

Non - Holders

IFO offers 2 community pools to ensure that everyone can support and contribute significantly to the projects.


  • No need to staking $TOKEN to join this pool,
  • You need to connect your wallet.

Influencers, KOLs

  • IFO points come from completing default tasks.
  • Loyalty point = 0 (because no $TOKEN staked)

*The points of the Influencers and KOLs will be calculated in priority cases