Discover vetted projects

Access various projects before they hit the market

Cherished mission

Become a fan and thrive your favorites projects to success

Initial Fan Offering

Discover vetted projects

Access various projects before they hit the market

Cherished mission

Become a fan and thrive your favorites projects to success

No risk involved

You do not need to invest or spend any money on IFO

Free Allocation

Making meaningful contributions get you significant rewards along the way

A true fan club

When you join IFO, you’re not simply sharing a new idea to the world, becoming an early adopter by playing fresh application or games and received worthwhile tokens from potential Web3 projects. You are gaining membership access to a club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Future perks can be unlocked by the fans through many projects and missions activation.

Free Allocation For Fans Worth


$1,000,000 worth of free allocation for Fan Pools in IFO are already commited by the projects in the pipelines.

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IFO Onboarded Projects

Health Hero

Health Hero is an Animoca & Polygon-backed (and many others) web3 health platform. Holding our token enables free healthcare & healthy food.



Start: 19/01/2023, 03:00
End: 08/03/2023, 13:00


ASYNC NETWORK is a multi-chain protocol Gamifying productivity by tokenizing work with a borderless contribution ecosystem. Get work done from anywhere, from anyone in this world. Async optimises work asynchronously and figures out ways to co-operate on the Internet. Think of Async Network as the Combination of GitHub + Fiverr + Jira.



Start: 18/01/2023, 13:00
End: 15/03/2023, 13:36

4 simple steps to join IFOs


Jump in Fan Pool

There are two main types of pools "Community" and "Influencers". Each pool owns a different mechanism and function.


Prove yourself a Fan

Users just need to complete the default tasks given by IFO. Tasks are categorized corresponding to Fans Level below.


Earn Free Allocation

After the task is completed and confirmed by the system, the points will be added. Fans will be rewarded in Lottery, Leaderboard or Guaranteed method.


Continue your Support

Users will have to make contributions in a regular basis throughout the vesting schedule in order to keep future claim right.

Fan Level

The more you contribute, the more you free allocation you are awarded. Make sure you pass the first level “Casual Fans” to gain the eligibility for higher levels and rewards.

Casual Fan

Follow Twitter, join Telegram, Discord, subscribe to Youtube and maybe more

Engaged Fan

Engage in the fans community, share and talk about your favorite project regularly; and maybe more

Big Fan

Actively use the project application, review, find bug, suggest improvement and maybe more

Loyal Points

Join IFO staking pools now and receive in every Fan Pool a guaranteed portion of free token allocation, based on the amount staked.

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To be a successful creator, you don’t need one million of customers or clients, but only need one thousand of true fans.

Kevin Kelly

Ready to get you “1000 true fans”?