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What is Health Hero?

Health Hero is Health-to-earn. Earn no-cost health plans and free food by just living a healthy lifestyle.

Health Hero is the visionary, Play-to-Earn platform that actively pays you to live a healthy lifestyle in a fun, rewarding, and competitive way. Sync your daily steps, compete in daily challenges, and embark on expansive story-based missions through the galactic metaverse, all supported by decentralized blockchain Play-to-Earn tokenomics.

The more you move, the more you earn, the more you win - In Health Hero City, players have the opportunity to collect tokens ($HLTHY), earn and level up battling Go! Bots for player-vs-player (PVP) competitions, craft and sell in-game items, settle/cultivate their very own virtual Plot of Land, and compete in global leaderboards.

Stay motivated, stay accountable, every day - The Health Hero mission is to inspire a well-being-driven community. Not only do we reward healthy habits of the individual, but we also reward sharing those habits to promote accountability while motivating the Health Hero City community. Players who hit daily milestones and share with their social network will earn extra rewards.

Earn Passive Income in Go! Health Hero - purchase a Go!Bot allows users to start collecting $HLTHY and start participating in the in-game economics. Earning $HLTHY = no-cost health plans and free healthy food. A user can earn more than enough $HLTHY to cover for these main necessities and keep a balance to keep earning in other areas such as staking, etc.

Players will also be able to purchase, earn, and craft Loot (i.e., in-game items) to be used in-game or sold/rented on the Health Hero Marketplace.

Health Hero Roadmap

October 2022

Go!Bots Early Adopters (2k collection)

User earn XP

Users have access to telehealth

Go!Rocket release

$HLTHY on testnet

Users earn $HLTHY via steps

November 2022

Game mechanics v1

IOS/Android Beta

$HLTHY giveaways

Electronic Wellness Records System

Game Jam #2

Art contet #1

AI/Deep learning modules

Staking on testnet

December 2022


3D rendering og Go!Bots

$HLTHY Metaverse Beta release

More Health-to-earn ways to earn

Staking on Mainnet

User revenue sharing model

Insurance offering

January 2023

50% of users earning $HLTHY

International telehealth

Mental health via telehealth

SoulCare: grief, trauma and spiritual support

Metaverse official release

3 more exchanges for $HLTHY

AI/Quanum computing model contest $250 FDMC

February 2023

Special Edition NFT drop

100% of users earning $HLTHY

50,000 new users

Health-to-earn to cover home gardens and homestead

Game Jam #3

Art contest #2

Health insurance distribution expansion

Personalized NFT gifts

Fans Pool